15+ Best ROM Sites 2020, Safe & Working

Who doesn’t like to play the classic old school titles right? We all grew up playing our favorite games on our beloved classic consoles & handheld devices. When we look at them now, we instantly remember the good old days of our childhood.

ROM files allow us to play our favorite old-school games on our devices using emulators. Emuparadise, which used to be one of the best ROM sites is no longer providing links to ROM downloads.

And nowadays, most of the ROM sites are filled with unwanted ads and other, that is why I decided to write this post. Here I will share with you some of the best ROM sites from where you can download your favorite ROMs safely.

Without any further ado, here is the list of best rom sites which are safe to visit, and provide working ROM download links.


1. Vimm’s Lair

best rom sites Vimms lair

This one has to be on our number one spot. Vimm’s Lair is a website dedicated to providing us with classic ROMS and Emulators. The website is more than 18 years old but is still going strong.

After the downfall of Emuparadise, the site gained more popularity and became one of the best ROM sites hosting ROMs for almost all the classic systems.

Their collection consists of almost all of the game titles which were released in the US for 10+ different classic game consoles. The site uses a very simple yet very to browse design, the ROMs are sorted out nicely and can be very easily found by using various search & sorting options available on the site.

The site also provides the Emulators for various platforms like WINDOWS, MAC, LINUX, ANDROID, etc, which are required to run the ROMs downloaded from their site.


2. DopeRoms (Currently Down)

best rom sites DopeROMs

Another site hosting great quality ROMs and emulators. DopeRoms has one of the best ROMs collection among the websites that I listed here.

The games can be easily found using the search bar located on the top of the page or by selecting your console from the left side of the page. Currently, they have over 171,589 ROM files available to download for 140+ different consoles, so no matter how unique classic ROM you are looking for, you will likely find it here along the emulator required to run the game.

DopeRoms also provided you with tips, glitches that gives you advantages & cheat codes for over 9000+ ROMs, which might come in handy if you are stuck in a part of the game and need help clearing that section.


3. Gamulator

Gamulator can provide you with game ROMs for over 20+ different consoles. Actually, they have ROM files for more consoles than that but most of the emulator listing/folders only have a single or a couple of games in them. Along with ROMs, you can get emulators and also bios to go along with them. For download, you can use the direct link (recommended) or install using their download manager.

Overall, Gamulator is one of the ROM sites that you can use to download ROMs right now. It is also one of the good alternatives to emuparadise that is safe and still working.


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4. The Eye

best rom sites The EYE

The Eye is an archival site that hosts various content from all over the internet, including ROMs. Their archival service currently holds ROMs for more than 60 consoles which total up to 3.1TB of storage!!.

On The Eye, you can find Rom files for almost every console imaginable. From Atari Consoles to Nintendo Switch, you name it. Most of the ROMs files are directly downloadable from here without any ads or any intrusive pop-ups.

The site is very simple to navigate and content can be easily found there, they do offer a sitewide search tool but do not have a search tool for specifically searching ROMS. However, they do sort them in alphabetic order and specific games can easily be found using the Find and Replace function of a web browser.



Unlike other ROM sites, nicoblog is a Blog type site that provides ROMs of various popular consoles. They do not host any content on their servers but do provide download links from very reputable and fast services like Mega and Mediafire.

They Provide full ROM sets for various consoles like N64, Sega, Atari, NES, GBA and many more. Full ROMs are full sets of games for the specified console type, by using them the whole folder of games that they have can be downloaded as a single compressed file.

The thing which makes NicoBlog different from other similar ROM hosting sites is that they also have ROMs(iso) for PS Vita, ps3 &Wii, which are very hard to find.

Nicoblog also has posts related to fixing the most common errors with emulator and ROM files. They also have various tutorials related to Running the games on your respective systems, you can check these posts out if you are facing any errors while Emulating the ROMS.


6. Romulation

best rom sites Romulation

Romulation is one of the best ROM sites on our list. The site hosts almost 28,000 ROM files, each well organized as easy to find. The site also claims that they have tested each ROM for stability and safety.

They offer ROMs from various Nintendo, Playstation & SEGA consoles like Wii, Gamecube, GBA, NES, Dreamcast, PS2, PS3 and more.

The site is very easy to browse and you will not have any trouble finding the ROMs that you are looking for. The homepage has all the names of the consoles for which they have ROMs for and every console can be easily identified because of their picture next to the name of the console.


7. CDRomance


Another site filled with which provides great ROMs. On the download page of CDRomance, you will find the original artwork of the game along with some gameplay screenshots. You will also find other useful details like Games Release Date, Genere, and Region of the ROM file.

You can find all kinds of ROMs here, from original to fanmade ports and even hacks and mods. They also give you a recommendation for emulators according to the device that you are using.

If ignoring the occasional pop-up ads, the site is an excellent place to download ROMs for popular classic consoles like GBA, GB, GBC, SNES, Gamecube, etc.


8. FreeRoms

Free ROMs

FreeRoms only Provide ROM files for a few consoles like Atari, GB/GBA/GBC/, PSP, N64, etc, but Over 3000+ ROM files are available. They also provide links to various Emulators and software for most of the devices out there, which will help you to play the game ROM files that you have downloaded.

They have a Rating system in place so you can check every ROM that you download and see other people’s opinions. You can also Rate a ROM file with 10 points if you like it and 0 Pts if there was any problem with it.

No need to register for downloading ROMs, downloads are quick and safe. Just beware of the ads on here and you will be good to go.


9. ClassicGameRoms

Classic Game ROMs

This might be the perfect site for you if you like a simple, clutter-less, ad-free design that is. They have game ROMs for popular Atari, Nintendo, SEGA and Sony Consoles along with the Compatible emulators to run them.

Sadly, you can not search through their archives for your favorite ROMs as there is no search bar or anything. But searching for them is very easy because of sites neat design, Find and Replace works pretty good as well. They provide google drive links for download so no need to worry about getting fake executable (exe) files, malware, etc.


10. Emulator.Games

Emulator Games

ROMs for popular consoles like Atari, Nintendo(GBA, GBC, SNES, NES, etc), MAME, SEGA, etc along with SNK, BBC, NEO, etc can be downloaded from Emulator.Games. You can either download the game or play it online. Yes, this site also allows you to play your favorite console games online in your browser.

The homepage will show you the most popular games on their site and this along with the search bar will get you to the ROM that you are looking for very quickly.

11. EdgeEmu

Edgeeemu is a new site that I recently found when I was browsing through the web. Currently, they index 57000+ ROMs for over 20+ consoles and handheld gaming devices. They have games for Nintendo(GB, GBC, GBA, DS), SEGA, MAME, Atari and some more popular consoles.

Their site has a clean interface, has no advertisements and browsing and downloading ROMs is very easy. All of their ROMs work like a charm and you can even test some ROM files online. They have a Flash Player which allows you to emulate games online.


12. WoWroms

WoWROMs is one of the best ROM sites which are available right now. The site has ROMs available for over 30 + emulators and even games for old computer systems like Apple I, Acron, DOS, etc. You can even play some games (GBA ones) online, no need to download, just click n’ play.


13. Romsmode

Romsmode is a fairly new site but in no means inferior to the older ones. They have a fairly decent roms collection with ROMs for most of the popular classic consoles as we all some ROMs for handheld devices such as GB, GBA, PSP etc. On their home page, they list some of the popular consoles which you can get roms for.

You can also use the provided seartch bar to get to what you are looking for. They even have a emulators section form where you can get all of the emulators to run the games that they list.


14. Emulanium

On Emulanium, you can find roms for gba n64, NES, Dreamcast, Super Nintendo and a couple of other consoles. This list might not be huge the collection of ROMs in each of the mentioned category is. they have thousands of ROMs available to download, each with the emulator that they run on.


15. EagleForces

The site is in Korean language but you can easily look for the ROM or console that you want as the listings are in English. The ROMs on their site are 100% safe and the download speeds are also decent. They have thousands of ROMs indexed on their website which can be downloaded for free. While their library of ROMs is not that big, it is still of decent size and has ROM files for most of the popular consoles.


16. MyAbandonware

MyAbandonware is a wonderful ROM site to download old school console titles for free. You can download ROMs from MyAbondonWare without any restrictions or cost & all the ROM games that they provide are safe. They have original ROM copies for more than a dozen different consoles including some SEGAs, DOS, Atari Amiga, Commodore, Genesis, Game Gear and more.

On the download page, you can find a lot of information about the ROM file that you are downloading. You can check for release date/year, platform, region of the ROM developer and miscellaneous info like game theme and even view-perspective of the game.


17. Retrostic

Retro Stick is another good ROM site that I recently discovered. There you can find ROMs for over 50+ console and corresponding emulators to play the games on. The interface is clean, a ton of ROMs for different consoles are available, the downloads are smooth, fast n virus-free, what else could you ask for.


18. MoreROMs

MoreROMs is a retro, old-school website from where you can get your hands on some good old classic Game ROMs. Not only they have ROMs but you can also find Emulators to run those ROM files on & some useful tools to extract and interact with ROMs.

The website is still up and running but they don’t serve as many ROMs. That is why MoreROMs is so down in the list, but it is still a viable option.


The sites listed above are safe to use and are in working condition, but for some reasons, if you want other alternatives, here are rest of the sites if you want to check out more options, following the lawsuits, they are still in working order despite having some of their ROM sections removed.

(Note: Copy and paste URL of the sites listed below in your browser’s address bar)

19. http://romhustler.net/

20. http://www.sonyisos.com/

21. http://coolrom.com/

22. https://www.mamedev.org/roms/

23. https://www.theoldcomputer.com/roms/


25. https://theromdepot.com/



A guide for downloading ROMs safely from the internet

Here is a little ‘guide‘ that I have put together to help you safely download ROMs from these sites.

First things first, NEVER, I repeat NEVER trust a website that asks you to install software on your system to download ROMs. It is most likely an adware or similar program which can harm your system.

Also, ROM files, most of the ROM files come in a “.zip” (or .7z) package. If a website is sending you to a “.exe” files download link, don’t download it. Almost every time, it is not what you are looking for and can potentially perform malicious operations on your computer if installed.

ROM is not running smoothly? it can be due to a bug in the emulator or maybe the fact that you have a potato for a CPU (XD). In any case, you can tweak some settings from the emulator itself or search in forums and stuff to find a viable solution. You can also give a different emulator a try.

A bad ROM file can also cause this. However it is very unlikely for this to happen, you can still try the same ROM from a different site.

Now you may be wondering that if it is legal to download ROMs? Well, Even If you own a copy of the game that you are trying to download, it still falls in a grey area. But you can “dump” your cartridges to ROM files with specialized hardware and software, which is perfectly legal.

What about emulators then?” Emulators are 100% legal to use, and you can download most of them for free.

Also please note that the motive of this post is not to promote any form of Piracy or similar activities. It is for informational purposes only. At last stay safe and game on.



Well, this concludes my post on the best ROM sites which are still working and are safe to visit. Please note that it might not be legal to download some of the ROM files if you have never owned a physical copy of them before.

The last time I checked, all the websites were fully functional and working, if you find that some of the links are broken or no longer work do mention them in the comments.

If you have any suggestions for this list write a comment below to let me know, also I would love to hear about your favorite site to download ROMs and about your favorite good old classic games.

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