15+ (Working) Unblocked Movie Sites to Watch Movies for Free

15+ (Working) Unblocked Movie Sites to Watch Movies for Free

So you may be asking, ‘Why do we need unblocked Movie Sites?’ Well, the answer is quite simple, many Govt. and even some private organizations block access to Media and ‘timepass‘ sites. As a result, various entertainment websites and sources become inaccessible and movie sites are one of them.

Most of these restrictions are on Schools, offices, and workplaces where the head of the institution or employer want you to work hard instead of wasting time on these sites.

But there are still many unblocked sites which are usually not blacklisted by firewalls/Blockers and can let you watch movies from places like school, library, etc. Here we have tried our best to bring you the list of best unblocked movies sites where you can watch and stream movies online for free.


No matter from where you are trying to watch movies, these movie sites will load and provide you with all the latest and greatest movies.

And even if these sites get blocked or became inaccessible, we will be sharing a way on how you can unblock them at the end of this post so don’t click away.

(We will be updating this list to remove any non-working site, don’t worry. Just ping us in the comments, and we will update the post accordingly.)


 List of Best Unblocked Movie sites



1. IceFilms

IceFilms is one of the best unblocked movie sites where you can find the latest releases for movies, series, shows, cartoon, anime, & stuff. You can watch all of the movies that they provide on their site for free.

What makes it a great contender for this post is the fact that despite the amount and quality of movies that they provide. They are not part of any ISPs blocking list. You can freely access icefilms unblocked from school and other locations without any problem.

URL: www.icefilms.info



2. GoMovies

Gomovies, another good old unblocked site for watching movies. It has one of the best collection of movies, and the site also offers many popular Asian drama shows, but the best thing is that they offer free movie streaming without sign up.

Their site has got a very clean, responsive and well-organized layout which is very easy to browse. The site is
On their homepage, you can see the most popular movies, top rated movies( by IMDb) and featured movies. You can also select a Category and you will land upon a page where all movies with the same genre are listed.
The clean look and huge library are what makes GoMovies one of the best unblocked movie sites.

URL: https://go-movies.sc



3. Watch Movie dot io

Watchmovie is a great place to watch new relesed movies. The site is relatevly new and is not blocked as of now so you can use it to watch movies from school, office or anywhere from where you are tring to access it. There is a lot of stuff that you can watch n stream from there in decent enough quality.

They have their own private video host which has most, if not all movies that they have. But if it down or not working, they also provide movie links from other external hosts.

URL: http://watchmovie.io



4. Moviewatcher

Moviewatcher, a great site to watch movies and tv episodes online. On their website, they list movies back from 2000 to 2017, But that’s not all. They have many movies way back from 2000 and even new ones of 2018, you only need to search for them by name.

The good thing about Moviewatcher is that you don’t need an account to watch movies & everything is free, even the ads. Jokes aside this website is filled with ‘registration ads’ with which may ask you for your personal info, but don’t fall for them.

Watching movies on Moviewatcher is free and you don’t need an account to do that, it’s only the ads asking for your info, beware of them.

URL: https://moviewatcher.is



5. Yahoo! View

View is a new service by one of the oldest web services provider, Yahoo. On View, they provide various video media like TV shows, Movies, and even anime on their website, and the best thing is all of it is available for free without any charges, you don’t even need a Yahoo! account to watch movies on Yahoo view.

They are in partnership with Hulu and all the movies etc. on yahoo view is provided by them. The quality of the videos is quite good, and you can stream movies online for free using their service.

As we know Yahoo! also provides other useful services like search, email, and news, so there is no reason for anyone block access to Yahoo. So most likely it will be unblocked in your school, college, office, etc.

URL: https://view.yahoo.com



6. Yts.am

YIFY Movies (or Yts.am) is one of the best unblocked sites to download movies. If you have access or can bring your laptop or computer device to your school, library or workplace, then you should consider downloading the movies first instead of watching it straight online. The reason, because why not, if you decide to download a movie you can save and watch it anytime, anywhere without having to worry about any blocked access or no internet at all.

This site gives access to High-quality Movies and other related content, you can watch a newly released movie within a day or two of the release date.

URL: https://yts.am



7. Sony crackle

Crackle is a legal, yet unblocked & a totally free website by Sony to watch movies & similar content online. They have a variety of movies that you can watch along with some Original Episodes and other streamable from Sony.

Ignoring the ~10 sec advertisements at the beginning & in between the movie( like YouTube), the site is very clean and lets you watch movies without any intrusive ads and banners, you can also register on their website and enjoy features like watchlist etc but it is optional, and you are not required to have an account for watching movies.

URL: https://www.sonycrackle.com



8. Archive.org

As you might have guessed by the name, Archive.org is a website, created with a goal to preserve the files & sites hosted on the internet, and with some time and a little luck, you can even download movies from here.

You can download various movies, songs, videos, files, etc for free and it even lets you browse previous ‘versions’ of various websites which are now closed or no longer in service.

Now coming back to the topic, Archive has a great collection of movies, which you should be able to access pretty easily regardless of where you are accessing it from. You can even watch some old movies here which can no longer be found on other websites.

Archive.org also provides some useful study materials like books (e-books), documentaries, information oh various events etc so it is very unlikely for any school, institution or even for a library to block access to their service/site. So even if the other sites failed to work for you, Archive.org should have no trouble loading.

URL: https://archive.org



9. TubiTv

TubiTv, another great unblocked site to watch movies. They have a huge collection consisting of both old movies as well as newly released ones along with some popular TV shows to watch.

Everything on their website is available for free, but you need to create an account on their site. By creating an account you also get access to Unblocked movies across all your of your devices. Like Viewster, an app is also available to download for iOS and Android devices.

URL: https://tubitv.com



10. Viewster

If you are into animated movies and anime, and you want to watch it for free from your school or office, then Viewster is the place to go. The site is not only limited to animated stuff, other movies from the various genre like Comedy, Si-FI, Drama, Romance, etc are also available to watch.

You can register on their site, but all the stuff on Viewster can be watched without registration. Viewster is available on Android and iOS stores. You can download the app to enjoy free & unblocked movies online.

URL: https://www.viewster.com


11. FMovies

What makes Fmovies one of the best unblocked movies sites is their collection. They have a massive collection of action, adventure, animation, drama, documentary, comedy and various other genres of movies. While the quality may vary, most of the movies are available in 480p,720p and of course, 1080p HD. They also provide you with movie ratings, illustration and even the trailer of the film for you to see.

You can search for movies by their names or by selecting the first letter of the movie title. They have separate pages for movies, series, and TV shows, which also makes browsing easier on their site.

URL: https://fmovies.cc



12. Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is a free and opensource app is available for MAC, Windows, Linux and Android. It uses Torrents to stream content to your device so no need to worry about blocked content. The app works as a media player and has options for subs (subtitles) and switching languages. Also, you can add your Trakt account to get movie recommendations.

If you want a standalone app to watch free movies unblocked, then Popcorn time is the best choice. No downloads required and you can start watching movies right away. I agree that it is not a ‘site’ but considering that it can stream movies in HD and for free is a good enough reason for us to include it in the list.

URL: https://popcorntime.sh



13. SolarMovie

A site whose original domain is gone but is still alive thanks to  Fork (clone/copy) sites. On the homepage, you will see a search bar where you can type the name of a movie or a TV Series and the site will show you the results. From there you will land on a page with all the info about the movie/Series and a player where you can watch the movie.

It is a very good free movies site which is unblocked in most of the schools and institutes to watch movies online for free and as for the ads there, well a decent adblocker will do the trick for you. Their catalog of movies is quite good and most of the new and even old movies are available there. No need to register, Just search for the movie and start watching right away.

URL: https://solarmoviez.ru



14. WolowTube

WolowTube is a free website for searching movies. Instead of hosting any movies or content itself, they provide links to unblocked movie sites. You can search for a movie there and they will give you a list of available unblocked sites to watch the movie.
Their homepage features current popular movies & they have a similar page for TV shows.
Every movie result they show is free to watch and is accessible everywhere.

URL: https://wolowtube.me



15. PutLocker

This site is one of the popular and the oldest site for movies, where you can find early releases in HD quality. Putlocker is famous for its quaily uploads and an extensive database consisting of both old and new movie titles. As for the layout and design, it is responsive and modern.

Due to putlocker’s popularity, it might be hard to access in some countries. So you might want to use a VPN or any other unblocking technique to access this site. Other than that it is an excellent site to watch movies and it even works great on mobiles too.

URL: https://putlocker.cl



16. 5Movies

The site is unblocked and despite being around for almost two years now. You can watch movies, series, shows and all other good stuff on 5Movies without any restrictions.

Just like most of the sites on our list, the quality of the video varies from title to title and the realese date. But if a movie is trending and has been out for a while now, it is very likely that you will find the best HD quality version on 5Movies.

URL: https://5movies.tv

Note: Beaware of the ‘register to watch‘ ad on 5movie’s movie page. Just scroll down a little bit and change server from there to start streaming the movie.


17. SnagFilms

Snagfilms.com is an unblocked movie site where you can watch hundreds and thousands of documentary type films for free. All the movies that they host are from independent producers and user-submitted films. Meaning you have a lot of great and unseen films that you watch for free.

They not only have documentaries, but other genres of movies are available as well. The site is free from any sort of popup ads, but you will have to watch a couple of short ads in-between the playback.


How to Unblock Movie Sites?

Want to unblock commonly blocked movie sites like Netflix, Hulu, etc? Here are three methods to do so.


1. Using a VPN

YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, and other popular entertainment sites are usually blocked by schools. To get access to these sites you can use VPN (Virtual Private Network). Also if you are having trouble browsing the Unblocked movie sites listed above, a VPN should do the trick.

There are many VPN services that you can use to bypass the firewall or similar restrictions, VPNs comes as standalone packages and also as browser add-ons/extensions. Here is a simple extension for your browser which will unblock movie sites for you.

The name of the VPN Extension is SetupVPN, it is a simple VPN app which connects to a server of your choice with just one click. Here is a link for Chrome & also for Firefox.


2. Using a Proxy Site

By using a Proxy, you can browse a website without having to worry about blacklists or firewall. Proxy services are usually provided by a Proxy site, which allows you to browse other websites from within their site.

Allow me to explain, for example here is a proxy site called ProxySite(actual site).

You visit the site, punch the URL that you want to unblock in their address bar and voila! Your site is now open inside the proxy site and is free to browse.


3. Switching to https Protocol

It used to be a simple trick to access blocked sites back in the days. Sometimes, site ‘Blockers’ will only block the HTTP version of the site, and the HTTPS one can be accessed by a simple change in the URL.

For Example, type:
Instead of

Nowadays most blockers will restrict access to both HTTP and HTTPS versions of the site. Some Blockers still block only one version of the site, and it is still worth trying with your favorite website.


At the end one advice that I want to give you is about advertisements, they can be a concern to some of you, and some of these sites providing unblocked movies are known for their pop-ups & other annoying ads. So we would highly suggest you use ad-blockers while browsing them.

Happy Watching.

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