10+ Best (Working) Sites like Couchtuner 2020

10+ Best (Working) Sites like Couchtuner 2020

Couchtuner used to be one of the best sites on the internet to watch TV series and shows online for free until recently when the site went offline. Many including me thought that it was temporary but unfortunately it doesn’t look like it, the site is still inaccessible. So the need of alternatives arises.

I have created this list of sites like couchtuner and working alternatives for you guys. I also have included a few apps which you guys can install on your PC or Android devices to enjoy TV series on-the-go.

All of these sites were working nicely at the time this post was written. There are 10+ sites in the list so you can try each one of them and see which one suits your needs.

So with this out of the way, here are some of the best couchtuner alternatives to feed your series watching hunger.


1. Swatchseries

A great alternative to couchtuner is watchseries. Tons of popular shows are already available there and many more are still getting added. You can even check the schedule for the broadcasts there.

They don’t host any content on their site instead they provide you links to other streaming sites. No need to worry about any broken links as there are dozens of alternative links to choose from (over 100).

I didn’t face a single advert. while I was browsing the site and you shouldn’t either. The site has a very clean interface and is very easy to navigate through.

URL : swatchseries.to


2. Putlocker

Pultocker is a very popular site like couchtuner for watching TV series as well as movies. You can sort movies by their genre, country of origin and popularity. This site has a lot of TV shows to offer and they do are in HD. Putlocker has seen some better days. As of now, it is not very stable and keeps going offline but it still is one of the best couchtuner alternatives.

Don’t fall for the ‘Registration’ ads on their site. Instead of clicking on the Stream in HD or Download HD, scroll below on the page to find your stream. You can select one of the many servers for streaming and even download it for offline watching.

URL: http://putlocker.cl/


3. Newepisodes

Newepisodes is a site which provides streams for TV shows and series only. They have a very well-organized and easy to navigate website. On their homepage, you can find a list of all the episodes which they have uploaded this week. They update their catalogs daily so you can watch your favorite shows almost the same time as they air on TV. You can select a couple of video hosts (servers) to watch your series from.

You can even request a series on their forums that you would like to see uploaded on their site. You can also use their forums for general discussions and to ask for recommendations. As of now, the state of ads is not good, enabling AD Block is recommended when watching ep’s.

URL: http://newepisodes.co/


4. TubiTV

Need to watch Tv shows online on the go but don’t want to deal with any illegal site? well if your answer is yes then TubiTV is for you. It is a totally legal website which offers you not only TV shows but a ton of other content like movies, anime etc.

It asks you to register on their site, while some of the content is available without any login but registering is required to fully enjoy TubiTV IMO. You get access to all of their content and many other cool features if you decide to register. You can even watch your shows on your phone & other devices and sync progress between your them.

URL: https://tubitv.com/


5. Popcornflix

If you want to search for your favorite TV shows, just click on TVshows on top of the site and start browsing. While they don’t have all of the latest Shows, they do have some of the popular ones. The lack of shows is because the website is completely legal and they do have to follow some rules and regulation while providing you with their services for free. The site has a very clean design and you can get yo your shows very easily.

As for the ads, the situation is under control here, I have only faced ads on the starting of the videos and that’s it, no annoying ads whatsoever.

URL: www.popcornflix.com


6. GlobalTV

GlobalTV is a free website to watch your favorite Shows online legally. It is like Sony crackle but with much fewer ads and sundry series.

The only problem is that as of now, the site is only available in Canada. But the good news is there are many ways to bypass this restriction. You can use a VPN and stream from this site regardless of your location.

URL: https://www.globaltv.com/


7. MovieWatchers

Another well-known name for streaming movies, series, TV shows etc online. MovieWatchers is a well known free media streaming site.

As this site focuses more on movies instead of TV shows and series like couchtuner, you might not be able to watch the latest eps of your favorite shows. But it is still quite a good source for bingle-watching already aired shows and series.

When surfing through the titles, you can check the IMDB rating of the show along with the Cover and description. It makes it so much easy to decide on the next movie to watch. As for the streaming experience, most of the time you can find the ep’s on openload in 1080 or at least 720p.

Again just like putlocker, make sure to avoid the Register to watch ads and scroll below for video streaming.

URl: https://moviewatcher.is/


8. SonyCrackle

Crackle is another legal, free alternative to CouchTuner. Tons of shows are available for free to watch in HD quality. Not much new shows or ongoing series unfortunately but nothing can be done here again as the app is legal and you know the rest.

You can also watch some Crackle exclusive Shows here. Some popular shows including FireFlies, Mad About You, and more can be also watched for free. As of right now, it is only available in US and Canada only. But a VPN might work who knows xD. Anyways it is a good site with various genres of shows and is completely legal and free to use.

They also have an app for Android and iOS which you can use. But stick to the website in my opinion because the ads are a lot less there and the UI is also good.

URL: https://www.sonycrackle.com/


9. Dwatchseries

Another excellent choice over couchtuner is dwatchseries. It is a relatively old website which offers a ton of great content.
the website is very well made and is very easy to navigate. The series pages are all organized very well and once you click a series name, you are greeted with a nice informative page with none/little ads.

They don’t have the most well-maintained catalog of series or shows and some popular airing shows are not there. But still, if you are looking for some good series to bingle-watch then this is the site to visit.

You can switch between different playback qualities (480p, 1080p, 720p etc. You can even choose between different video hosts if the default one is down.

URL: http://dwatchseries.org


10. Watchonseries

One of the well organized and well-maintained alternatives to couchtuner is watchonseries. It is one of the few sites which works well on even mobile device so if you want to stream on your phone, you can try this site. One cool feature that their site has is that you can even select TV channels from which you want to stream shows.

On the watch page, you can see all the episodes that they have available on their site. They also show IMDB Ratings along with a short description of the Program/Series.

They host their videos in openload so you can easily watch or download episodes from there. If openload is not working, there is also a secondary server which you can use.

URL: http://watchonseries.com


11. Thewatchseries

The quality of the videos are decent enough (420p, 720p..) and is most of the airing shows, as well as some classic shows, can be found here on thewatchseries. You can also sign-in there to get regular updates on shows that your watch or are following.

On their schedule page, you can check latest released episodes for your favorite series. As for the video hosts, you can choose between openload, streamango, vshare and others. The ad-free browsing experience and regular updates on airing shows are what make this site one of the top competitors to couchtuner.

URL: https://thewatchseries.tv/


12. CineWhale

CineWhale is a new site in the game which has some of the best quality of latest and favorite shows. They have different genre of movies and the latest TV shows. You can watch shows online if you want or you can also download them onto your device to watch offline.

They have a total of four servers that you can stream/download from and most of the time, at least two of them are up n’ running. Cinewhale also shows you what is trending on their website RN and their trending panel is a really good place to get some recommendation for your next series or show.

There are zero ads on the site itself, but you can face some pop-ups on the video hosts.

URL: http://www.cinewhale.com


13. TVMuse

TVMuse provides 100s of links for a single episode or movie that you are trying to watch. It is one of the best sites like couchtuner to watch new series and shows. They provide a table for schedule for upcoming and airing series and TV shows and also have a “next episode” counter on the video page.

A ‘A-Z‘ list of the TV shows and series that they currently have links for is also available which makes searching for stuff that you want to watch much easier.

While they do have most of the new TV series and shows, you can also use their ‘request’ page for a show, series or movie that you want to be added to the site.

URL: https://tvmuse.cc



Apps like Couchtuner

Along with the list above, I am also sharing these two apps for PC and Android devices. Using these apps you can easily stream or in some cases even download series onto your devices. I myself have tested both of these apps and they work without any problem.



Showbox can be an excellent choice over couchtuner if you want to watch TV shows on the go. It is a well-made app with a ton of content including movies, anime, series, and of course, TV shows. You can watch tons of old shows and even some of the popular shows which currently airing are available.

The app is available on Android and iOS and can also be downloaded to your Android TV.

URL: https://showbox.fun/



Popcorntime is a standalone app for watching. It is an opensource online player which allows you to stream stuff like TV Shows from torrents to your PC. It works both as a torrent client and a media player by allowing you stream torrents directly without downloading them. The interface is very user-friendly and the app even allows you to search for your TV Shows. It also comes with support for Trakt which can help you organize your watchlist.

(Note: Popcorn time has recently released their official apps for phones running on Andorid and iOS.)

URL: https://popcorntime.sh/


Here are some tips to help you further with your overall experience on these sites.


1. Make sure to use an Adblock.

If you are facing intrusive ads and pop-ups while browsing any of these sites, do turn on your ad-block. An ad-blocker or ad-block is an add-on program for your web browser which lets you browse a website without any annoying ads.

While I would not advise you to use adblock as it cuts down income for sites, but here I would highly recommend you do. You can enable adblock on these sites and browse without having to worry about any popup or ads.
If you don’t have any adblock, here is a link to a good one.


2. Do not download anything Suspicious.

Because most of these sites are illegal, there can be many hidden threats lurking within them. So do not download anything from this type of sites. I would even recommend you to watch your stuff online instead of downloading it.


3. Unable to access?

Because these sites promote piracy in one or many ways, in some countries they might not be accessible. Usually, the blocking is done by ISP’s. They restrict access to these sites and show error messages when you try to browse them. Fortunately, this type of blocking can easily be dealt with the help of VPNs or proxy sites.

Related: Also check these Unblocked Movie Sites to watch movies anywhere without any restrictions.

You can get a free VPN extension for your browser(PC) or install a VPN app to bypass the restriction. Alternatively, you can also use a proxy site to access any of these sites without restrictions.

Thanks for reading, check our other stuff on our website and make sure to subscribe to notifications so you never miss any update.


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