12 Sites like AliExpress For Buying Stuff For Cheap

If you don’t know, Aliexpress is a website which provides various goods for a cheap price. You can get tech products, clothes, tools, accessories, pretty much anything from there.

They have warehouse locations in a couple of countries but most of their stuff comes from China. You can find some stuff for dirt cheap from ali while comparing the prices to big companies like Amazon. If you decide to buy in bulk then the prices will even come down more. Usually, the stuff that you get from sites like aliexpress is very cheap and affordable because they use a direct B2C(Business to Consumer) model. It cuts down the cost of the middle-men and storage cost and also most of the stuff is manufactured in China and ships from China as well.

On this list, I have tried focus on listing sites mainly for normal consumers or buyers. But Even if you are looking for a website to buy stuff for reselling, this list will not disappoint you. Similar to Aliexpress, all these sites here do ship worldwide & have huge discounts on items.

Here are a few of the best websites like aliexpress for buying stuff for cheap prices.


1. Banggood

First is Banggood, it is one of the sites that I have tried myself and was very pleased with the experience. The product, which was an action camera arrived within 15 days and was in good and working condition. Sometimes if the product is a tad expensive(40$+), then they ship orders using a courier instead of post. Otherwise, the package arrives by mail.

Like aliexpress, they ship worldwide. Shipping cost is only applicable if you want fast delivery and tracking. Standard Free shipping is available, which for items less than 5$ is the way to go. As for payment methods, you can pay with cards and as well as PayPal.


2. Club factory

It is a good Chinese shopping site with many categories of products But where it really shines it the fashion and lifestyle. 1000s of items are available for purchase, with a variety of products to choose from. They have tons of various things and new offers get added

They also sell other items similar to aliexpress, but maybe not as many items as them. Along with fashion and cosmetics, you can also get accessories like phone cases, chargers, and some other small gadgets. Some sports stuff is also there like shoes, gym wear etc.

The refund process is also good. My friend once ordered stuff from them, he didn’t get it and asked for a refund. Within 5 days the refund team contacted him and asked how he wanted the refund. The whole process was smooth and easy and barely any money was charged.

3. Wish

Unlike the others on the list, wish is a site based in the US. They deal in all kind of stuff from tech products, sports, fashion, shoes, cosmetics to kitchenware, general tool, outdoor stuff and more. Most of the popular thing that is available on ali can be purchased from Wish. So you might want to compare products, price and delivery time on both of the sites before making a purchase.

As for the delivery time, it is somewhat similar to other sites on the list, at least 2 weeks minimum. Just like most of the other site here, to get the full benefits, you need to download the app. It might be a hassle to some but the discounts & offers that come with the app are worth it.


4. GearBest

They deal in various products but the majority of them are related to tech. You can get mobile phones, Action cameras, LED’s, Watches, home appliances, and related accessories. As for other things then tech, they deal in fashion/beauty products, clothing, bags etc.

If you are a new user they also offer $100 worth of coupons which you can use towards your purchases. They also come up with tons of deals during the festival season so if you need to buy a fancy new gadget, gearbest is the site to consider.

The prices are a tad expensive while comparing them to ali. But still, they are very reasonable while looking at the quality and the free shipping. Speaking of shipping, you get free shipping with no tracking and a couple of more paid options with tracking and faster delivery. Almost all of the items are eligible for free shipping with some exceptions.


5. Cndirect

They have free shipping for any product that you order regardless of the price. You even get tracking option on free shipping for orders over $99. You can get a ton of things from different categories here. And when you will create an account you will instantly get a 4$ coupon that you can use towards your purchase.

If you are living in the US you will be redirected to the US version of the site. There you will get some perks like exclusive US only deals, fast shipping for their US warehouses and flat 10% off on your first order.
(Turn off any adblock if you use any, it breaks the site.)


6. DHgate

This site is mostly for the people who are looking to buy stuff in wholesale. They have a coupon system like aliexpress so you can get some discounts on your purchases. Flash sales also go on from time to time. You can get almost anything from here that is currently available on aliexpress or similar websites.

While they do ship items to the US, for other countries the items might not be available or shipping might not be free. As for free shipping what I have seen is that not all items are eligible for free shipping. As for the prices, dhgate is a tad expensive than Ali express if you are buying single items that are. Because is a site best suited for buyers who are looking to buy items in bulk or wholesale.


7. Light in the Box

They also apps both for iOS and Android which you can download to enjoy mobile-only offers. You can get almost anything that aliexpress offers here, but it has to be more than $10.

If you are looking for stuff under, let’s say 10$, then Light-In-The-box is not for you. Because most of the stuff they have on their site is quite expensive.

For payments there, you can use your preferred card, Western Union and surprisingly, Paypal. Yes, PayPal is also supported here which is hard to find in Chinese shopping sites. You may also pay using some available domestic payment methods like payubiz etc. (needs more editing)


8. Mini in the Box

AS you might have guessed by the name, mini-in-the-box is a ‘branch’ site of lightinthebox. Mini deals in small parts/accessories such as mobile parts/cases, power banks, pen drives, memory cards and more. You can also get parts for your DIY projects such as motors, caps, resistors, boards, LEDs etc. Car accessories such as small dash cam and other parts are also available here.

They offer tons of cheap parts and accessories that you also buy in bulk for reselling. Payment options are same as the ‘Light’ site. And as for delivery, you can choose standard free shipping or express shipping.


9. TinyDeal

Almost all the things here on TinyDeal are related to tech, no clothing or other things. They sell various types of mobile phones, toy drones, smart watches and more similar pieces of electronics gadgets here. You can also get Smart TV boxes, memory device (HDDs, memory cards, earphones, chargers, toolkits etc). They have product pages for different categories of products. You can sort each product by their price, rating etc making it easier to choose a specific product that you want. You can even sort products by a specific price range.

If you are considering to buy some cheap electronic gadgets etc to sell them later, you should at least check this site out.


10. GeekBuying

As the name implies GeekBuying is a website full of tech stuff. You can get both cheap and expensive tech from here. Tons of different products from various brands are available.

They also sell backpacks here, you can buy backpacks for your gadgets and many general-use bags and carry bags. Footwear like shoes, sneakers etc is also available.

If you want to buy some product in bulk, you can fill a form on the selling page with your info. You will get a reply from the seller within 24 hours with the pricing, discounts, and stuff. They also advertise free worldwide shipping on their site.



11. Dresslily

Again, as the name says, Dress lily is a Chinese shopping site which deals in clothes and fashion wear. As for what you can get here, they sell clothes for both men & women, both adult, and children. You can get hoods, full dresses, shirts, pajamas, jeans, hats, bags, purses, jewelry and much more. You can also buy dresses, wigs props etc for cosplay from here.

However, some of you people might not like this site as the prices are similar to what you usually pay for these items. And then waiting for the product to arrive can get a little frustrating. While these arguments are valid, the quality and variety of the products on Dresslily more than make up for the waiting time and price.


12. TomTop

TomTop is a top of line Chinese shopping site with a truckload of items to choose from. You can many different items from here, most of the items are from good and reputation sellers. Flash Deals are also a thing here, the offers get updated quite frequently and most of the time the deals are worth going for. Unlike another site, you can also buy secondhand goods from here. Unfortunately, they don’t accept returns on these items but they claim that each of the items is tested before sending it out to the customer.



Buyers Guide


I hope you were satisfied with the list above and have chosen a site like ali to buy some stuff from. Well if you have, here are a few things to look out when shopping on these sites.


  • Customs:

If you are ordering an item which costs ~50$ or more, chances are you will have to pay custom duty charges. What is customs duty you may ask? Well, customs duty is fee or tax that you need to pay when importing an item from outside of the country.
(Read more at Wikipedia). *https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Customs*

To avoid Customs charges, sellers on sites like aliexpress make some changes in the price which has to be written on the Product. Usually they don’t declare the real value of the product, instead, they type the wrong price of the product on the package to avoid customs charges. It usually works but after shipping the package the whole responsibility of the product is of the buyer.

Suppose the package didn’t make it through the customs and got confiscated. Then as the buyer, it is up to you to pay the customs charges and release your package. While it rarely happens and as I explained above, it only happens to costly items, so most of you people need not worry about it. But it will be a good thing to keep in mind if you decide to buy any expensive stuff from these Chinese websites.


  • Seller Rating & Product Reviews

You may be already aware of this if you are not then let me tell you ALWAYS I mean ALWAYS! check the seller rating and product reviews before buying. If anything like the price and quality of the product looks too good to be true then it probably is. Some sellers try to sell their product by advertising or displaying the info incorrectly.  But you can always check the store ratings and reviews on the product to verify the seller’s claims.


  • Contact Seller for Bulk Orders

If you are trying to buy in bulk, contact the seller first. Aliexpress and similar site/apps have a way by which you can directly contact the seller. If you are buying some stuff in bulk, you should consider contacting the seller first and ask him if you can get some discount on the bulk purchase. It usually works and you can save a few bucks by shopping this way. As for the quantity, 10+ for cheap items and 5+ for 30$+ items IMO can get you some cut off on the base price.


  • Be aware of Fake products.

Many of the users try to search for Chinese shopping sites like aliexpress to buy some expensive items for cheap. What most of them don’t realize that if it is too good to be true then it isn’t true. Same is with some of the items on these sites. While it might be tempting to buy a 1TB Pendrive for a couple of bucks, it will be most definitely be fake and not worth the money that you paid.

  • Difficult Refund and Returns

As the sites are based in China(expect wish), returns & refunds can be a headache. Usually, for returns, you will have to pay for shipping and fees while sending the product back to them. It might sound easy but the cost and the time it takes for the returns are high and it is not worth doing in my opinion. As for the refunds after order cancellation, If you have paid through PayPal then you will receive your money back in a couple of days. But for most of the other transaction, it can take up to 2 weeks for refunds to come through.


So we are at the end of the post here, thank you for sticking till the end. I hope you guys were able to find your goto aliexpress alternatives or Chinese shopping sites. I and a few of my friends have tried most of the sites on the list so I can say they do are legit and safe. Also, I hope the little Knowledge Panel (Buyers Guide) will help you with your shopping. And if you think that this post is incomplete and needs some changes. Or if you think that I should add more sites and more tips here, do leave a comment below with your suggestions.

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