How to Download a Video from YouTube to Computer [5 Ways]

Youtube is a great platform to watch and stream videos online. It works great as it is, but sometimes, we need videos offline so the need to download videos from youtube arises. Take music, for example, there are so many great music videos on youtube to watch but having an internet connection 24/7 to listen to them is not possible. One other good example can be lecture videos. They are usually more than an hour long and will consume a lot of data if we were to watch them online every time we needed them.

This is where this post comes in. There are a total of 5 different way mentioned here to download any youtube videos to you computer. You can choose any one of them, anyone that you prefer and the one which is more convenient for you.

While watching videos online is not illegal, downloading copyrighted material from Youtube is and we do not support it in any way. This post is only for informational purposes. So with this out of the way lets get started with the post.


1. Using IDM

For the first way to save youtube videos to your PC, we are going to use IDM. IDM is a very popular tool and provides tons of extra features over tradition in-built download managers. One of these features includes grabbing a video file from a stream or similar source on a website.

As youtube also is a site which provides videos through streaming, IDM can grab any video out of there. And not only catch the video, but you can even download the audio as a separate file. Variable qualities can be selected for both audio and video file types.

To download a video, merely install IDM and its browser plugin which is available for both Chrome & Firefox. After that, the next time you load your favorite video, you will see an icon like this over the player:

Clicking on this icon will allow you to download your video file in your preferred quality. An audio format can also be selected by clicking on this icon.


2. SaveFrom site


I found this little site way back in 2015 when I was trying to download a music video from YouTube. It was very simple to use back in the day, you just open the site, enter YT video’s URL, select quality, and Voila! It would start downloading. This method still works now, but they have also added many other features.

You can now get their app or browser extension to this more conveniently. They also have extended their list of compatible sites. You can download videos and download music from youtube to computer in mp3 format.  Along with youtube, you can download videos (and in some cases pictures & audio) from Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram, vk, Dailymotion and more.


3. A simple URL Change

Don’t want to use an app or is installing a plug-in is too complicated for you? Don’t worry, by using this simple trick you will be able to download any youtube videos with just a change in URL.

What you have to do is visit youtube and search for the video that you want to download. Now when the video loads, check your address bar. Here you will see something like this:

Now what you have to do is click on the URL and add two S’es (ss) before youtube, Here is an example:

Now you will be redirected to the SaveFrom site and on here, once selecting the quality, your video (or) audio will start downloading.


4. Using VLC to Download Videos

This trick is very old but still works pretty well. As you all know each media file, even if it is on the internet has a source. While youtube doesn’t allow us to see or directly access it, there is a hotlink for each of the videos on YouTube. This simple trick involves using VLC to stream the video and then get the link which will allow us to download the video from Youtube to our computer.


2. First, visit and then open the video that you want to download. After that copy the URL of the page.

2. Next open vlc media player and from options, select ‘Open Network Stream.’

3. Once there, paste the URL that you copied, and the video will start streaming on VLC.

4. To download the video, Press Ctrl+I while the video is playing in vlc. A dialog box will now appear in front of you.

5. Look at the bottom of the box, and you will see a text area name location. Copy the whole URL that is there and paste it into your web browser.

Your video will now start to download, and you can enjoy it offline on your computer.


5. Utilizing a Script

This method is for those people who don’t want to deal with any shady sites and want to get the direct *ghuma ke keyword*.

It is not very complicated to perform but still requires a little bit more time than other methods.

To install the script, you need first to add a script manager plugin to your browser. There are many of them available out there, but here we are going to use Tampermonkey.

It is a beautiful little piece of a plugin which is available for both Firefox and Chrome. It does its job very well, and it is straightforward to load scripts into it.

The first step is to install this plugin/extension onto your browser, below are the links for firefox and chrome.


Now you need to visit this link and click on the green ‘Install Script’ install the “Local Youtube Downloader.” After that the tampermonkey will ask whether you want o install this script or not, click allow and it will be installed onto your browser.

After the install, whenever you will open a youtube video, you a see a button named ‘show video links’ under the player. When you click it, it will grab all the links to the video and audio source and present them to you for direct download. videos are available in mp4 & webm while audio can be downlaoded from youtube in mp3 format.



We are nearly at the end of the post, thanks for making it to all way down here and hopefully, you learned something today. The way I like to download youtube videos to the computer is by using IDM. The Internet download manager can be used as a fully fledged download manager and also as a *ghuma ke keyword*. It is very simple to use and does its job pretty well.

So there you have it, this completes our list of top 5 ways to download a youtube video to computer. Don’t forget to leave a comment below to let us know what you use to save youtube videos to your pc and which one of the above method is your favorite.

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