Should you be using the Firefox Password Manager in 2020?

Now a quick little introduction here, Password managers are programs which are used to save logins and other relevant credentials, so you don’t have to enter them manually each time you visit a website for which you have saved the username and password for.

What is Firefox Password manager? It is a Password manager tool/utility that Mozilla Firefox comes pre-installed with. It’s a simple to use Password/Credential Manager which saves Logins (on your consent)for the site that you visit.

Firefox Password manager can save multiple logins for a single site and can save credentials like emails, usernames, and passwords, so you don’t have to enter them each time you log into a website.


Is it secure?

Firefox password manager stores your passwords unencrypted, but that is if you have not set a master password. To make your credentials more secure, you can set a master password on the Firefox password manager. It adds an extra layer of security on your account by encrypting your passwords with 56-bit AES cipher encryption. Every time you open firefox, it would ask you to enter the master password. You can also simple cancel the prompt, but then none of your saved credentials will show up when you try to log into a website.


What is my experience?

My experience has been Pretty Good actually. I have been using Firefox for as long as I can remember. I have FF installed both on my PC and my Android device, and I love every second of it. Like many, I also use the built-in password manager of Firefox to save passwords for some of the sites that I use daily And have not once faced any problem with the PW manager. Using it is also very easy. You can save passwords for the sites that you want to and decline the ‘save password‘ prompt on other sites.

Managing, changing and deleting saved credentials is also a straightforward process. All these settings can be found in the Privacy and Security section of Firefox’s preferences. Usually, anyone with access to your computer (or browser) can access your login credentials. So a setting a master password is a must.


I use a master password to secure my Firefox password manager, and I would recommend everyone to do so. It encrypts your passwords, and any other user who has access to your computer can not check the saved usernames and passwords without the correct code.

If you are shifting to a new PC, instead of logging in to your Firefox account to sync your passwords, details, history, etc.,  you can move your Firefox UserData (Profile) from one PC to other. It is very easy to do, and you can easily find many tutorials related to this on the web.


So, should you use it?

The answer is yes, Firefox’s built-in Password Manager is good and secure enough for standard use. But if you want to save some very important logins or credentials, then I would suggest that you go with other much secure solutions like BitWarden. If you are a security conscious person like me, then you can turn off sync logins setting from the Firefox Account tab in the settings to stop your passwords from going to the cloud.


There you go, this was my take on firefox’s Password manager. Share this post on your social media and also comment down below if you have any questions or query regarding this topic. Aloha!.

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