5+ Must have Firefox Android addons [2020]

While many people use Chrome as their default browser, for a few other people and me, Firefox is the way to go. Why you may ask? Well, the answer is quite simple, lots of cool features, control over privacy and the support for plugins is what makes Firefox more appealing to some than other browsers. Anyways coming back to the topic, add-ons (plugins) for firefox give the browser extra sets of features and helps in making browsing experience customized, and specific to the user.

Firefox Android supports not all, but some plugins as of now but more are on the way. Here we are going to discuss some the must-have plugins for Firefox Android. I have also tested all of the plugins on my phone and have most of them currently installed on my firefox mobile. But before the list, let’s check out a little tutorial on how to use/install an add-on on firefox mobile, android version.


How to use addons in Firefox Android?

It is very simple you don”t need to install anything other than the Firefox Android app, the plugins feature comes inbuilt.

Step 1. Install and open firefox.

Step 2. Click on the three dots on the right side and select Add-ons.

Step 3. Once there you will see a link saying Browse all Firefox Add-ons. If it is not there, go back to the homepage and visit addons.mozilla.org.

Step 4. There you will see all the add-ons which are available on your platform.

Step 5. Now When you have selected an addon and are on the install page, click on Add to Firefox button.

Step 6. Now accept the permissions that the addon requires and click add/install. If you want to view the add-on’s setting, again click on the three dots, scroll down, and there you will see your add-on.


Let’s get started with the list of must-have add-ons for Firefox. First, we have…


1. Stylus

Stylus is like a theme app, but for websites. While stylus does not provide any themes of its own, there are tons of theme files available on userstyles.org for almost every popular website. You can get a complete dark theme for a site or get a theme with a totally different layout for let’s say, youtube. If you don’t like any of the themes you can make one by yourself and apply it using stylus. While most the themes are only for desktop sites, still some work on mobile sites as well.

(Note: Don’t download the plugin name ‘Stylish’ from userstyles.org. There have been reports that it contains spyware, use Stylus instead.)


2. Tampermonkey

Tampermonkey is a user script manager add-on for Firefox. User scripts are like little modifiers for a website. Scripts can allow you to do various things with a site; you can add extra features to it, change some functions or appearance. Or if you want, remove some of the elements of a that you don’t want.

They can be very useful if regularly use a site, and it has an element/feature that bothers you. You can easily write a userscript and install it on tampermoney. And if the site is a popular one and the problem that you are facing is a common one, there is a good chance that there is users script for it out there.


3. Translate

Translate by sailor max is a great add-on to have on firefox android. It is a translator plugin which helps you to, you guessed right, translate text. While some people might not find it helpful as it does not translate the selected text (on android). But for me, it still saves a lot of time. With a click from the menu, you can open a new translate window which will load in an instant, and you can paste your text there. The translation process is also fast and very snappy.

You have a couple of translators to choose from. Actually, 12 of them including Google translate, Urban dictionary and Baidu translator.


4. Privacy Badger

Privacy badger is a privacy-focused plugin for firefox. It blocks all the trackers and disables their working on the site and stops them from collecting your data.

With the new update, you can permanently turn on tracking protection on all tabs, but privacy badger still relevant. Because along with blocking them, it also shows what trackers are on a website and what they have access to. You can even configure it to allow some trackers if you believe that disabling them is breaking the site.


5.uBlock Origin

uBlock origin is a small, minimalist & ultra light plugin to block annoying ads. It is one of the best adblock addons that you can get on firefox android right now. It does its job flawlessly and even prevents pop-ups pages from loading up.

As I always mention in my posts, I don’t recommend ad blockers as they block ads, which is the sole income source of some sites. Still I had to include it on this list because let’s be honest, aggressive and inappropriate ads have become a thing now and we need a way to stop them.


6. https everywhere

This little extension does exactly what its name says, it forces https on every website that you visit. What is https you may ask? in simple worlds, every site on the internet needs to use a protocol to display/transfer/show data. The name of the protocol is HTTP, ‘https’ is a secure version of this protocol.

You can use the add-on’s menu to select on which sites to force https and where to disable it. While it may seem useless to some people as it doesn’t add any ‘functionality’ to your foxy, there is no harm in installing it and added security is always better.



Now I know this list is for best add-ons but, in a way, themes are also add-ons or plugins right? So here I am present you some of my favorite themes on Firefox mobile.

Yakuza paint

  • Hands down one of the best-looking themes for FF Android in my opinion.

Sakura Deep Red

  • Again, One of my favorite ones


  • One that cools your mind

Petit lutin de noel

  • A little bit of white with an accent of red.



So there you go, this was the list of the add-ons that I think are a must have for Firefox Android users. I have only listed the add-ons that I have tested on my Firefox and the ones that I use or have used in the past. There might be some other good add-ons that I missed or there may be some that you think should be on this list. Do leave a comment below if that’s the case and also if you have any feedback on the post. Peace

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