5(+1) Best Youtube Downloaders for Android

While there is a feature on the YT to download video offline, the downloaded video can be only accessible from the YouTube app itself. There is also no way to share the video with our friends so they can enjoy it on their device without any internet access.

This is where Youtube downloaders come to place. These downloaders are a great way to save a video offline in external/devices memory. From there you can easilyquickly move the video file to other mobile devices or a computer.

Along with the mp4 videos, you can download the videos from youtube in mp3 format if you only want the audio part. Most of these downloaders can provide you with both audio/video links of a youtube video from where you can even select a quality of the file that you want to download.

So with this, here are some of the best youtube downloader apps for android. I also have included a trick which you can use if you don’t want to use any YT downloader app.


1. Videoder

This app is one of the best to download youtube videos on android. You can select various formats of video like mp4, flv, WebM, etc. in the highest possible qualities.

If you love a music video but only want the audio part, you can do so with Videoder. It allows you to download your favorite video file in mp3 format along with a couple of option for quality. Not only youtube, but you can download videos from DailyMotion, Flickr, Vimeo, and other similar sites directly to your phone.

Need to download a video file from a website which is streaming it online? Videoder has got you covered here as well. You can use the in-built web browser to access the site and when on the video page, the app will grab the video file for you.

How to download a video from Youtube app video using Videoder.

Step1. Open Youtube app and load the video that you want to watch.

Step2. Click on Share and under Share link options select Download/Watch.

Step3. Now should be able to see all the Audio/Video links, from there, select the one you prefer. It should now start downloading to your phone’s memory.

Note: You should first grant Videoder permission to ‘display a pop-up window‘ for it to work.


2. SnapTube

Before I moved to Videoder, I had Snaptube installed on my phone. It used to work fine until one day when ads hit it. It becomes literally unusable and just pure cash-grab. Since then, it has come a long way and is on the path to restore its former glory.

You don’t even need to open youtube for snaptube to work. You can search YT videos from within snaptube and download them instantly without any hassle. To download videos from your subscription feed, you need to log in your YT account on snaptube.

Audio is available in mp3/m4a, and as for video, you can get mp4 files in variable qualities(360p,720p, etc.). SnapTube is available in 10+ different languages and can be localized more to your needs.


3. TubeMate

Tubemate was one of the first apps to provide video download from youtube. Its popularity may have decreased over the past few years but it still holds the crown for one of the best youtube downloaders for android out there.

While they don’t support downloads from any video app, you can use their browser to visit any supported website for video downloading.

You can download videos in mp4, WebM, flv, and even 3gp. As for audio, you can download them in mp3, aac and m4a format with variable quality.

They support Youtube, Facebook, Insta, DailyMotion, Youku, Twitter and more. Other sites which stream video online can be used a source to download video and audio.


4. Vidmate

When videmate was launched, it was a browser where you could visit youtube and watch a video. From there, it would grab the video files and give you a couple of links as download options. It was cool, and all but the browser sometimes failed to load a video, and you had to log in after each session.

Now vidmate has become much more straightforward and easier to use. It has the similar in-built youtube app, like the one in Snaptube. You can watch any youtube video there and to get your feed and videos; there is an option for sign-in.

Using the vidmate youtube downloader, you can get video files in variable quality and audio in mp3 or m4a format. During our testing, downloading videos was easy and the speeds was reasonably well. The only downside to the app is the annoying notifications, but they can be turned off from the settings.


5. OG Youtube

You might have already heard about OG Insta or OG WhatsApp. These were the modded versions of their original counterparts having tons of extra cool features embedded into them. OG Youtube is also similar; it is an unofficial mod (modified version) of the Orignal youtube app.

This app is like the normal youtube app for most of the part but has a couple of useful features. Like when you click on Download, instead of saving it on the app, you get the option to download the video to your device. You can get your video in an mp4 file or as an mp3 if you only want the audio part.


Using Firefox to download videos on Android

Now you may be asking why firefox and why not chrome. The thing is, Firefox for Android has plugin-in support just like their PC counterpart. Using plugins allows you to use a couple of tricks to download youtube videos. Here we are going to use a firefox plugin which will enable us to use scripts on a website, in our case, youtube.

Step 1. Open Firefox, once on the homepage, search for ‘Tampermonkey FireFox‘ on google.

Step 2. Click on the link with the add-on for Firefox and install it.

Step 3. Now you will need to install a script on tampermonkey which will allow us to download audio and video files from youtube.

Step 4. Visit this link and click Install this script. Accept any prompt from tampermoney and the script will now be installed.

Now anytime you will visit youtube on your firefox, you will see a button on the video page. Upon click, it will give you all direct download links for the video and audio (mp3) files for the source video.

If you need any more help with this method, visit this post about How to Download  a YT video to PC. While it focuses more on pc, the firefox part should work on android phones as well.



So this concludes my post. These were some of the apps and tricks to download videos from youtube to your Android device. There might be 100s of other apps to download a YT video to android, but the ones that I have listed here are one of the best ones and are safe to use.

Just keep in mind that while it may not be illegal to download videos from youtube, but downloading & spreading copyrighted material is. So I would advise that you use these apps and tricks to only download and save copyright-free material. This is all that I have to say, while you are here, check this post about Best Shareit alternatives or maybe this one on How to Block websites on Android.

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