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Best Torrent Sites (and how to access them from anywhere), January 2020

Torrenting has existed alongside with internet for ages now. Torrent sites like tpb, kickass, and rarbg have been around for a while and have successfully build a huge userbase consisting of millions of active users.


What is torrenting, and how does it work? Torrenting is file sharing technique, which, instead of using the traditional centralized approach, uses the peer-to-peer communication for sharing data/files over a network. Torrent sites are the websites/services which allows users to upload/download torrent files on the internet.

Here in this post, we are going to list the best torrent sites, we have tried to include the old, all-time favorites sites, while also featuring sites which are new to the game and torrent sites which not many people know about. Also at the end of this post,  is a little guide on how to access torrent sites (unblock them) from anywhere.


Please note that the motive of this post is not to encourage piracy in any form or manner, It was written for informational purposes only.


Without any further ado, lets get started with the list the of best torrent sites for music, movies, eBooks, documentaries and more.


1. ThePirateBay (TPB)

First on the list, we have one of the best and greatest torrent sites of all time, ThePiratebay. How can we create a list of best torrent sites and not include this site!. Almost everyone who is into torrenting knows about tpb. It was among the first websites which became a platform to share and download torrents.

Pirate Bay has seen many ups and downs in the past, and despite all the struggle, it still rises from its ashes in the end, just like it did back in 2016 when Swedish police raided tpb’s data centers and tool the whole website down. Overall, despite its age, the pirate bay is still one of the best sites to get torrents from.


2. Lime Torrents

We are surprised how few people know about this website. LimeTorrents is a very reliable and ‘safe’ site to get torrents from. We are calling it safe because of the ad-free browsing experience and the quality of torrents that they have. They have one of the cleanest layouts among the torrent sites and finding and downloading a torrent is also a very easy process.

Stats like seeders/leechers, upload date, and file contents are beautifully integrated into their download page, and you can even rate a torrent file or check others ratings/comments too. One other thing that we noticed is that despite being one of the best torrent sites atm, limetorrents is not blocked in many countries or by ISPs.


3. 1337x

1337x first became available in 2007 as another torrent site on the web. But the major uplift to the site was brought by the closing of kickass torrents & the tbp takedown. These factors boosted the website’s traffic by a crazy ton and it got exposure to a large number of the audience who were looking for their torrent fix.

The site has a reasonably modern & responsive design when you compare it with other popular torrent sites. As for torrents, they have tens and thousands of verified torrents waiting to be downloaded. You can find all kinds of stuff on 1337x, ranging from imagery, media, games, applications, to ebooks, documentaries and more.



Rarbg is one of the oldest and well-known torrent sites of all time. The site has been up and running for almost 11 years now (founded in 2008) and has not faced any “major” downtime since then. The interface is pretty straightforward & easy to use. It hasn’t changed much from how it’s used to be back in the early days of the site.



This list will be incomplete without the mention of the Yiffy. YTS or Yiffy is a movie torrent website which provides torrents of latest movie releases. Not only on their site, but you can actually find Yiffy releases on other sites (such as tpb, 1337, etc.) as well. They have a huge fanbase, and most of the early movie releases on various torrent sites are from yiffy.

You can find mislanious info about a movie that you are downloading such as the resolution, MPA rating, subtitles info, frame rate, seeding ratio & more. Cast info and reviews can also be found on the movie page.


6. Torrentz2

Torrentz used to be the biggest BitTorrent search engine on the web at one time. Until it decided to shut down in early 2017. Torrentz2 is am unofficial clone/mirror of torrentz with same layout and similar features as the original website.

Torrentz2 is a torrent search engine where you can search for your favorite torrent. For your query torrentz2, gives you a list of matching torrents. From there you can select one, and after that, you will be directed to a page with various torrent site hotlinks for the requested torrent. Torrentz2 lists links from a dozen of popular torrent sites, including the ones which were missing from the real torrentz website.


7. KickassTorrents (KAT)

kickasstorrents was a huge torrent site which was taken down following the arrest of its owner. The site was down for some time, but after a couple of months, a mirror of the site emerged on the internet. The new domain, is a copy of the original website. It is maintained by the former mods of kickasstorrents and is fully functional as of now.

The new domain since then has seen a rise in traffic and user base, and after getting featured on websites like Torrent Freak and *one more*, KAT regained its popularity and again become one of the best torrent sites on the web.


9. Nyaa

It is a very popular site dedicated to anime, manga, and all related stuff and is visited by millions daily. Nyaa is live heaven for an anime fan. They offer tons of torrents including, latest episodes of anime, wallpapers, novels (ebooks), videos (AMVs. Opening, closings, etc.) and even miscellaneous stuff like anime apps, games, etc.

The loading speed of the website is good, and for the downloading, most of their torrents have active seeders, the seeders to leechers ratio are also very balanced.


10. Torrent Downloads

torrentdownloads, another of the more well-known torrent sites on our list. The site first became live on *date* and since then has thrived on providing top quality and verified torrents. The layout is just like the classic torrent site layout which most of the torrenting sites used to have. As for content, you can find almost anything on torrentdownloads. From ebooks to movies to fiction, you name it.


11. (previously is a torrent search engine which can give you find torrents related to your query from sites like torrentz2, 1337x, pirate bay, Zooqle and more. It provides you ‘torrent related‘ search results from other sites. By searching this way, you are getting more results for your query (search term) and also a lot of options to choose from.

Overall searching on can be helpful if you were looking for a torrent but could not find it anywhere.


12. Demonoid ( Previously

At the time this post was written, the old site was down, and was up and running for a couple of days only. This website is a clone, or you can say a copy of the original Demonoid site. It was put up by the mods & staff of the previous Demonoid site after the last website went down and all the data was lost.

The new Demonoid is essentially a clone of the previous one, with the same design and similar features. Despite the age of the domain and being relatively new, is getting quite a lot of visitors and traffic. Despite the current state of the website, we have still decided to add it to our list because of the one, the popularity of the site and the second factor being the active community of the website.


13. TorLock

Chances are that you haven’t have heard about TorLock before, torlock is a very popular and trending website which servers torrents. Millions of torrents with active seeders can be found on the site, most of which are verified by the tor lock staff for their integrety. The design of the website is very classic and features a trending keywords header, like the one which used to be on the old kickass’s website.

Ignoring the intrusive ads and the ‘boobie traps,’ torlock is a very good torrent site to find some good and verified torrents.


14. Zoogle

While Zooqle hosts torrents for all types of contents, it provides appropriate informative metadata for TV shows and movies; You can find a lot of info about a movie/series title there, including airing info, list of various related torrents sorted by episodes/quality, cast info, and more.

They have over 4 million (and counting) torrents available for various categories including games, multiple apps, software, music, ebooks, video media(shows, music videos, movies, anime etc.) and more.


How to unblock torrent sites?


Method 1. Using a VPN

Using a VPN by far the simplest and easiest method to access a blocked torrent site. It is also a great way from not letting your ISP track your activity online.

The first step is to get yourself a VPN. There are many options available, both free and paid. It totally depends on you how you plan to use a VPN and how much it matters to you. If you just intend to use a VPN to ‘access’ a torrent site, we would recommend a free VPN solution such as TunnelBear. They are free, effective, and are open about their policies but have a monthly limit on data usage.

However, If you intend to use a VPN for more than that, for example protecting your online identity online, doing all your browsing anonymously and even torrent over a VPN, then you might want to use a subscription-based VPN. With plans starting from just 2.99$ a month, Nord VPN is an excellent choice for protecting your identity online. They provide unlimited, unthrottled access to their services for very reasonable prices and have rigorous policies when it comes to handling users privacy and data.


Method 2. Using a proxy.

Proxies can be used to browse to hide your browsing activity from your ISP and thus avoiding any kind of blacklisting and country bans on torrent sites. There are many ways of deploying proxies, you can set a system-wide proxy on your computer system or use a browser-based solution (like plugin or browser’s network configuration) OR use a proxy site (recommended) which will allow you to access blocked/blacklisted torrent sites from any of your devices.

The free proxy sites which we recommend are kproxy and  proxysite. Both of them work pretty well and will allow you to access your favorite torrent site regardless f your location or isp (Internet Service Provider).


How to protect yourself while browsing torrent sites?

Safety is a great concern for many when browsing torrent related content on the web. And it should be because of most of the torrent sites these days are hoarded*chg* with ads. Now advertisements themselves are not the problem, but the type of ads are. Sometimes these ads can trick you into installing some malicious (mostly adware) software into your systems. This is a huge problem, but avoiding it is not very difficult.

Here are a few simple precautions to take when browsing torrent sites:

  • NEVER install anything from any prompt which may pop up when you are browsing the site.
  • ALWAYS check/scan the files/media that you have downloaded via a torrent before opening them.
  • Use a VPN, a good Virtual Private Network will stop your ISP form tracking you on the internet; a VPN can also help you avoid fines and claims which some ISPs send out to user if they detect you were browsing/uploading/downloading a torrent. As discussed above, we recommend NordVPN, the plans are afforable, their VPN works well & they value your privacy.
  • And lastly, never share any personal info on any of the torrent sites on any webpage that opened after triggering an advert.



This concludes our post on the best torrent sites for April 2019. This list will be kept updated, and we will keep adding new sites to the list.

As you may already know, to be able to download torrents, you will need a torrent client. We have covered the top torrent clients in a post before so you can check that out if you want.

All torrent clients there are free to use and have no intruse advertisements like the ones you see in uTorrent. So make sure to check that post out.

Also, if you want to know how you can download torrent files like ‘traditional downloads,’ i.e., using a download manager, then you can check this post on Torrent to IDM. There we have discussed all the different ways by which you can download a torrent file using a download manager (such as IDM) over torrent clients.


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