12 Best Music Players for Android OS [2020]

Still using the default music player that came with your phone? If your answer is yes then you are missing on a lot. Gone are the days when there were almost no options for options for external music players available for Android. Now music players have flooded the play store, there are thousands of apps claiming to be the best ones out there. But if you have tried a few of them, you may also have realized that this is not the case at all.

Here I have covered 12 music players for android which in my opinion are one of the best, if not the best ones out there. I have put together this list from my personal experience or by recommendations from people who know what they are talking about when it comes to music. I have also included some of the community favorite ones to keep this list fair. So with this, here is a list of some of the best music players that you can get on android right now.


1. n7

n7 players feature a whopping 10 band equalizer, bass/treble settings, LR balance, and pre-amp settings. Along with that, you get a couple of presets for the Equalizer and auto volume normalization.

One of the best features of the n7 has to be its UI (User Interface). It is one a kind and is not only attractive but also very functional. Different themes can also be set to change their style and colors of the app,

Although it is a free player, to unlock its full potential, you will have to buy the pro version. You can try the pro version free for 10 days and after that, it is (~)5$.


2. BlackPlayer

My friend recommended this player to me and I was surprised when I first launched the app. Fancy yet simple, this was my first impression of Blackplayer.

It is very easy to navigate around in blackplayer and the swipe transitions and animations are very smooth. You can set it to display picture art/ genres on one screen or you can switch to text only display. For sound enhancement, it has a built-in equalizer and sound effects. There you can adjust setting like LR balance, bass boost, Virtualizer and amp boost.

The lyrics integration on BlackPlayer was one of my favorite one of all players on the list. There are two versions of this one is the free one and one paid, called the BlackPlayer Ex.


3. Poweramp

Poweramp used to be the only music player installed on my phone at one time. As the time changed, I got a couple of more but it remains on my phone till this date.

It is a heck of a music player and supports most of the music file types. It works with mp3, m4a, aac, flac, wav, dsd, mp4 (audio only) and other file types that you may not have heard of. As for features, it has an inbuilt equalizer, Scrobbling, has a visualizer, and has support for skins.

If you used to have poweramp before but decided to get a new player because it was too simple or bland for your taste. Well, then you should try the new poweramp now. On recent updates, it changed so much so that it feels like a complete refresh. The UI has completely changed and they have added a lot of new features to the player.

As it is a paid (premium) app, people expect good support service and poweramp does an excellent job of delivering that. You can email them or write a review on the play store. They also have a dedicated forum where you can get answers for your queries, give feedback and raise new issues.


4. Phonograph

The phonograph is a very lightweight & minimalist music player. The beauty of this app is that it can run even on oldest of android phones and tablets. It has all the basic features that you want on any basic music player, but the big advantage that it has over a default player is customization. You can set different sets of color and choose dark and light themes.

The User Interface of phonograph feels like the Android Material UI, it like that you are in an Android file. It has all of the basic features that a music player need to have along with timer which shows total playtime of the currently playing playlist. The free version of this app comes with all of the functional features of the player. The pro version of this app gives just your access to a couple more color sets and themes.


5. Pi music player

Another player which was recommended to me by one of my friends. You get a 5 band equalizer, bass boost, virtualizer and 3d Reverb effects with the pi player. You can set them however you like, each option also come with its own presets. You also get a sleep timer in pi music player.

Pi player lets you make ringtones out of the songs, with their inbuilt ringtone cutter you can make small ringtones out of the songs that you have downloaded. The base pi music app is free but does come with ads and only a couple of themes unlocked. To get the rest of the themes and go ad-free you will have to buy the premium version of the app.


6. Appbott

The UI of appbott feels like that you are entering a new space of its own. The app becomes fullscreen and totally responsive, giving its users a one of a kind experience. Their equalizer is also good, they have a seven-band equalizer with Visualizer and bass boost. The only that they are missing is an LR balance adjuster.

One cool feature that they have is shaking to shuffle, it makes the player change song every time you shake your phone. I work great and you can also set sensitivity for this setting to avoid changing the song by mistake.



UAPP is an advanced android music player that is intended to be used with a dac/amp and your phone as a source. Of course, if you own an android device like the LG V30/V40, the app will allow you to utilize the in-built dac which is in those phones too. But I have used it solely with my phone for a long time and it did perform really well.

The User interface might look very simple to some people but this is how UAAP was made, simple in looks, yet packed with features to provide you a great listening experience.


8. Musicolet

Another minimalist player on the list. Musiclot has a small footprint but it still is one of the best music players on android platform and comes with a couple of unique attributes and features. The UI is very sleek and the icon and functions on the player are well placed. The repeat and shuffle icons, when clicked, opens a menu with multiple options to choose from.

Despite its size and appearance, musicolet still comes with a 5 band equalizer, bass boost and surround sound settings. Along with support for Tag editor, a lyrics overlay is also included with this music player.

One other unique feature of musicolet is multiple queues. Meaning you can have different queues, each with different songs. The app’s inbuilt lock screen setting is also well made and looks really nice. The app is only ~3 MB in size and is available on play store for free.


9. Musicana

The interface feels very much like the Beatbox *app name*, it is very responsive and even the interactions were somewhat similar to appbot.

musicana also has a song identifier feature. By listening to the songs in your surrounding, it can detect the tones and vocals to give you the correct name of the song.
Musicana supports tons of customization options. You can change the background, the animations and even the font of the app.
If you use an earphone (headset) and it has an in-line controller, you can then change what each button(or subsequent presses) from your headset do.


10. Neutron player

Another app on this list which has in-built support for dac/amp. Neutron can and can play hi-res audio files very easily. It has an old-school and classic interface, which is a little bit difficult to understand but gets easier as when you have spent enough time with it. The Equalizer is one of its kind and comes with a couple of unique options as well as a visualizer.

If you are wondering that if it works without an amp or a dac then the answer is yes. This music player can work just with your phone without any problems.


11. AIMP

AIMP is a simple, small, yet very powerful music player for android. The controls are very basic and are easy to use. No music library, albums, songs or any folders of that sort are present in AIMP. To add songs you need to first create a playlist and then select the song/folders from your device for it to play them.

As for customization, it has support for themes, skins, and you can also change hue settings. For features, it has a sleep timer, bookmarks, LR Balance and playback speed settings and of course, an Equalizer. This little player also has a couple of Widgets & lockscreen overlays.


12. Casse-o-player

If you are one of those guys who used to love those classic walkman players and music cassettes in general, then you are going to love this one. It has over 50+ cassette types that you can choose from. It also comes with a couple of cool VU meters to go with the theme.



While some people might hesitate to pay for a music player app on play store, it is really not a big deal. Most of the paid apps here on this list are not that expensive. They are cheap and if great music experience is what you want, sacrificing a cup of coffee can get you just that. But no need to worry as even the free apps in this list are as good if not better than the paid apps. It all comes down to personal preference.

Know any other music player that you think should be on this list? Ping us down in the comments and let us all know.

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