8 Best Free VPNs for Android (2020 Edition)

One of the easiest ways to protect yourself on the internet is to get a VPN. Privacy has become a very serious matter with ISPs and ad agencies profiling us for their profit. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service that helps you take control of your data from your ISP by tunneling your internet traffic through their own servers. A lot of VPN services are available as apps on android devices, some are free and some paid.

When it comes to free VPNs for Android, we have a lot of options, quite a lot actually. Among all the options that are on the play store, most do not have a good privacy policy, have low speeds, and are just pure cash-grabbers filled with ads.

However, I have found a few good ones which work best in protecting your privacy on the internet and can be downloaded for free on your android devices. I have also tested these VPN apps and tried to only bring you the best possible options which respect user privacy and provides an overall good experience for the end-user.

Without any further ado, here is my list of Best free VPNs for Android


1. ProtonVPN

best free vpn android protonvpn

ProtonVPN is my first choice for this list. I use them on my Android phone and my computer device as well. They offer unlimited bandwidth, even for their free customers but with the compromise of speed. It is still good for simple browsing tasks and downloading a couple of files if you need to.

While they provide Unlimited data and all that good stuff, ProtonVPN is not a gimmick VPN app like the ones which you should stay away from. They respect your privacy and have a very clear privacy policy on what they do with your data.

As you might have expected, there is another cath beside slow speeds. Only three servers are available for free users and no p2p (peer-to-peer) traffic is allowed on the free version. Regardless of this me and many others still prefer ProtonVPN over other free providers because of their strict no-log policy and simple to use interface.


2. TunnelBear

best free vpn android tunnel bear

Tunnel Bear is a free VPN app that you can download on your android device for free. The interface of their app is nice, easy to use, You can even disable animations & stuff if you want to. They have over 20+ server locations to choose from.

Once you sign in, you can get 500 MB data per month and they also have some paid plans as well. You can also do some tasks like tweeting about them or installing tunnel bear on your PC to get additional data.

Tunnelbear takes your privacy seriously, has good privacy policies, & provides good security. I have used tunnelbear exclusively in the past (both paid and free) before and let me tell you that it is one of the best free VPN providers for Android out there with the only downside being the capped data usage for free plan.


3. Hotspot Shield

hotspot shield

Hotspot shield is also another good free VPN app that lets you browse the web anonymously. It offers a good layer of privacy and you allow a max of 500 MB data consumption for free users. Remember it is daily not monthly.

The app is available on the play store for free, however, there’s a cath, you will have to signup for a trial for their ‘premium’ services first by using your credit card. After the trial expires, you can cancel the subscription and continue to enjoy the app for free.


4. HideMe

Hide.me is a free & safe choice if you want to use a VPN for a particular task; like you need to use it for a couple of days to get something done.

As far as server locations go, they don’t offer much at the time being, ~5 locations.

On their free plan, they offer 2 GB data, after which you will have to buy a subscription. But on the other hand, they give 2gb of bandwidth, the VPN itself is safe to use, works flawlessly, and doesn’t cost a single penny (free version).


5. Windscribe

Windscribe is one of the few VPNs which allow port-forwarding. To top it you can even allow or deny apps access to the VPN connection. meaning you can be using one app on a VPN while others over your normal internet connection.

On their free plan, they offer 2gb total bandwidth, which you can upgrade to 10gb if you decide to signup. As for locations to connect for their free subscribers, they provide a total of 10 servers in different countries.


6. Speedify

Speedify, this name might ring a bell as they also provide very solid connection bridging services on PC. As for VPN, they have a very good app for android that you should give a try. Just like others, they offer a free VPN plan as well as premium plans. Speedify’s free plan offers you 1 GB data per month, which is pretty generous.

The browsing experience was very smooth and there was almost no difference in speeds when compared to normal browsing and browsing with VPN. And the best thing is that you don’t even need an account to use their services. Definitely give Speedify a try if you are looking for a fast free VPN for your Android.


7. Betternet

Just like Speedify and a some of others on the list, no registration is needed to use Betternet. The only couple downsides supported by adverts, and only one server (United States) is available.


8. Opera Browser (Bonus)

Opera is a well-known browser company which we all know for the legendary opera mini browsers which we have been using since the era of Java phones.

Why it is on this list you may ask? Well because Opera Browser for android comes pre-equipped with a VPN that you can use to browse the internet securely.

It comes as a sort of addon with the browser and does not cost a penny to use. It is fast, secure, works great, with the only downside being that it only works with the Opera browser.



Here are the basic things to look out for when looking for a free VPN:

What do you want to use a VPN for?

In the end, it all comes down to this, what you need to use the VPN for. If it is for a single-time task like you want to access a specific website at that time which your ISP blocks or is blacklisted by your local network, then give Speedify a try.

However, if you use a VPN service on a daily basis and it is necessary for you to be connected to a VPN for most of your time, then ProtonVPN will be a good choice for you. It is free to use, does not has a data cap & is easy to use. You can also invest some money in a Paid VPN if VPN is an essential part of your life.


When something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

There are a ton of other apps that offers you ‘unlimited data‘ and whatnot. but most of them are adware and provide no real information on what they do with your data. So avoiding them would be your best bet. I would suggest that you check the policies of the free VPN provides, and what they do with your data before using them.

If you find something shady in their privacy policy or terms & service, the best bet would be to not use that VPN if you care about your privacy.


There you go, this concludes my post on Best free VPNs for Android. If you do require a VPN for Android on a daily basis, and a free one for that matter then my two recommendations would be Tunnelbear and ProtonVPN. they focus on user’s privacy, have good connection speeds, & to top that off are available on the Play Store for free.

Another thing that you can do is give good VPNs like NordVPN or ExpressVPN a try. They may be not free but they do have trial plans (usually around 7 days). You can give then a shot for free and cancel your subscription before your trial ends.

I will be keeping this post updated as new contenders enter the market. You can also contribute to this post by suggesting a suitable candidate VPN app for this list or just by leaving feedback on this post .

This is it for the post, thanks for reading. Have any doubts, comments, suggestions? leave them in the comments below for us to read.



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