5(+1) Best File Transfer Apps With No Ads for Android

Suppose your friend has a game which you want to install on your phone. But the game files are enormous in size, or you don’t want to download it for some reason, this is where file transfer apps come in. You can use these apps on your Android (or iOS) phone to share not only games but all kinds of files, including videos, music, movies, apps, and much more.
They work by connecting you and your friend via a personal (hotspot) wifi network and then transferring files through this network without actually using any internet data.

ShareIt, which used to be the best application for sharing files, movies, videos, games, and what not with our friends over WiFi. But now, instead of being a simple file sharing app, it has turned into a ‘media’ hub filled with vulgar videos and very intrusive ads. It has been completely taken over by advertisements of all sorts; even when you are not using the app, you will still get some random ads on the notification bar.

But fear not because as here are some of the best file sharing apps for android (or shareit alternatives) which can perform basic tasks like send and receiving files over wifi/hotspot but does not have those annoying ads/videos to ruin the experience.


1. Midrop

Midrop used to come pre-installed with Xiaomi devices only but now is available to download for everyone from play store. It is a swift and secure app to transfer ads over android mobile devices. The app can be downloaded for play store for free of cost, and It does not bother you with annoying ads.

The app has a very clean & interface, on the start page you will see a big Send and a Recieve button, and that’s it, no ads, no unnecessary and unneeded features just simple file-sharing functions. On Midrop, you can send files either via Wifi Hotspot or Bluetooth, and if you are facing trouble with connections, you can also ask your friend to scan a QR code to receive the file as simple as that.


2. Xender

As many of you may remember, Xender used to be the top of the line app in the offline sharing category, which was later de-throned by ShareIt. Just like shareIt, the reason for the downfall of Xender were very intrusive ads that the app used to have. But in recent months, Xender has gone the ‘ad-free’ route, and at the time this post was written, Xender is free of any kind of ads.

Xender has multi-platform support, and you can use this app to send/receive files on various handheld mobile devices like Android, iPhone, and even Windows Phone.


3. SuperBeam

Superbeam is a very old and trusted file sharing utility. It has a free version and a paid version, the free version comes with ads, but the only advertisement that I found was one little one on the homepage, and it should not bother you and your file transfer in any way. You can transfer all kinds of different files using this app, namely Music, Documents, Videos, Images, and many more.

And by installing a simple little plugin for this app (SuperBeam Contacts), you can also share all of your contacts saved on your Phone to another device if you like. This app can also send a file over a network (LAN), so you can receive files on your Mac or Windows PC.


4. Share

Xshare is another good alternative for ShareIt if you want a similar style but without any visible ads. It has separate tabs for music, videos, apps, etc. So searching for a file and then sending it becomes very easy.

This app has has no visible ads on the screen,  searching for files or apps is very easy, the User Interface is very similar to the one present on ShareIt. The app also has a ‘Shake to Send’ feature, which can send files directly to the other user by just shaking the device a little bit.

Xshare, like the others on the list is free to download, and you can easily download it from respective app stores for your devices or from their website.


5. Portal

The simplest of all the apps on our list. Portal is a tiny app available for both iOS and Android which allows you to share files & even folders if you are using your computer, you just need to connect to the same wifi network or creating a hotspot also works.

The sender needs to visit https://portal.pushbullet.com in any web browser and get a QR code, and then the recipient needs to scan the QR code with his Portal app and voila! Your devices are connected now. You can now send files by selecting them using the Upload button on the page.

Portal works great if you want to send files or even a whole folder from your computer to your mobile phone. The process remains the same as mobile, the sender needs to open the URL, select or drag ‘n’ drop the file on the page. It is the most simple sharing app that I have ever used, and you will find it useful too if you are looking for a ShareIt alternative for PC.


6. FilesGo by Google

Files Go is a File Manager, and ‘cleaner’ app recently launched on play store by none other than Google, It does an excellent job in keeping files on your phone organized and also doubles as an offline file sharing app. This app is available exclusively for Android devices and does not support cross-platform sharing.

For sharing files, both you and your friend need to download the app, and after that click on the Share tab on the bottom of the screen, the sender will click on the Send button to create a hotspot and receiver will click on receive to join the network. After the connection is made, you can transfer files between your phones.



Most of the apps sharing applications listed above have no advertisements at all and even a few of them which have ads; they are non-intrusive and minimal/unnoticeable ads, they are not big screen sized ads or video ones, just small banners.

There you go these were my favorite file-sharing/transfer apps for android. I hope you liked the list and I would love to hear your opinions in the comment section below.



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