15+ Best eBook Torrent Sites to get Books for Free [2020]

As most of you guys know, torrent sites are a great way to get books from your favourite author for free. There are millions of ebooks available on the internet which you can download for free or read online right now. But as you may know, not all websites on the internet are created equal, some are good are some are not so good. So I thought ‘why not share my list of best ebook torrent sites with you guys.

Worry not as even if you don’t like torrents, I have also included a couple of simple, direct download ebook sites as well.

I tested all the sites on the list, I have also tried my best to not list the non-functional sites or any site with too many ads and pop-ups. This list will even get regularly updated so you might want to bookmark this page. With this said, let us get started with the list of best ebook torrent sites.


1. Torrentz (2)

Torrentz is like a search engine, but only for torrents. It is one of the easiest ways to get your favorite ebook from torrents. You can enter the name of the book that you want in their search bar, and they will provide you with links of the torrent sites from where the ebook can be downloaded.

After the search, visit any torrent site on the list to get your ebook. Just keep in mind that you might want to use a VPN to access some of these sites. You generally get links for 5+ different sites which increases your chance of getting a working magnet link for the book. You can click on the next link if one fails to load.


2.Kickass torrents

Kickass is a popular torrent site which provides various types of quality content for free. The site has been floating around the internet for a while and at a time, was considered one of the best ones out there. Coming back to the topic, kickass torrent provides hundreds of ebooks that you can download for free.

With all of its ‘original’ domains gone or blocked by the ISP’s, I will be sharing a kickass proxy link with you guys. The link has been updated recently and should work just fine. If it didn’t work for you, ping me down in the comments, and I will fix it ASAP.

*Warning* Be aware of the fake register now links, instead, scroll down on their download page to get to the real magnet link.


3. IsoHunt

A couple of months back, IsoHunt completely disappeared from the web, all of its domains were down and would give an error when trying to connect to them. But now they are back from their “grave,” and their site is back again. Iso hunt is a very popular torrent site and has been on the web for around 16 years for now.

They have an excellent collection of different genres of Ebooks on their site; you can find uploads with active seeders dating way back to 2010, new ones are also getting uploaded daily to satisfy your reading hunger. No need to create an account or anything like that. Just search for the book, look for the magnet/torrent link and download, as simple as that.


4. OceanofPDF

Oceanofpdf may not be a torrent site, but it is one of the cleanest sites out there to get ebooks for free. The site’s design is simple, and it is very easy to browse. Along with that, there are no ads whatsoever, and downloads start with a click of a button.

You can download your favorite ebook in epub and pdf formats. Ignoring the ads and pop-ups, oceanofdpf is a nice non-torrent site for getting ebooks for free.


5. 01Torrent

This site has over 5000+ books available on their site that you can download over torrent. One thing about this site is that they don’t mention the number of seeder or leechers on the torrent page. But it is not a problem as most of the ebook torrents that they list have active seeders.

As for the interface, it is responsive, works great on mobiles too, and the layout is clean and ad-free. They have proper descriptions for every book that they have on their site, along with the language that it is in, and release info.



6. Mobilism

Another non-torrent site, mobilism has to be one of the best sources to get all kinds of books like classic, sci-fi, comics, audiobooks, etc. in one place. Moilism allows you to get ebooks from their site in epub format; you can visit the ‘file hosting’ links that they provide and download the ebook for free.

It is a forum-based site which means that you can request books that you want or even post about the books that you have and want to share.


7. MyAnonaMouse

MyAnonaMouse is a private torrent tracker which hosts thousands of ebooks, audiobooks, and similar torrents. You will need an account to get any books from this site while it is a little difficult to get an account, as it is an invite-only community. But no need to worry as getting an invite from them is not as hard as you think.

You will first need to join their IRC (Internet Relay Chat) group, then you can request there for an invite. Because they are a private tracker and have an invite-only registration, most of their torrents are active and have a good amount of seeders thus making downloading smooth and easy.


8. TorrentsME

TorrentsdotMe is a torrent search engine where you can find all kinds of stuff including books (epubs, pdf), audiobooks, comics, etc. This site works the same as the torrentzdotEu site and also gives you multiple torrent site links for your search query. Overall a very good and clean site to get some reading material, especially if you know the name of the subject, book or author.

There is also a section on TorrentsME where you can search for torrent sites. You just have to select a category, for example, books, and they will show you all the best torrent sites for books that they have on their directory.


9. TorrentDownloads

This site had to be on the list because of the awesome collection of the ebooks that they have. They have over 147000+ ebooks (epub, pdf) and over 23500+ audiobooks (m4b, mp3) listed for download on their site. One good thing about their site is that they show how many active seeders or leechers a torrent has and what is its current health.


10. FreeBookSpot

FreeBookSpot is a very old and reputable source on the internet for ebooks. Most of their books have fine & high-quality prints. Their collection of ebooks is one of the best ones out there with over 300000+ ebooks of different genres. They have books available in many different formats, most of them are either djvu, epub or pdf.

One another good thing about them is that their site is accessible from almost everywhere, there are no ISP blocks or anything on their domain.


11. Library Genesis

Their library of books is one of the best, if not the best ones out there. It consists of millions of books and text scripts. The site has a very simple and minimalist design which makes the load times less and browsing snappier and smoother.

You can download ebooks for free via torrent links or use their default download links to fetch files from their servers. If you are a student and looking for a site with suitable reading material, books or notes, Genesis can provide you with that.


12. BookSee

On the home page of this site, you can find a search bar where you can enter the name of an author or a book. The User Interface is nice, and they also have a phone-specific version of the site available, the downloads are also quick and fast. As for genres, they have 10+ different categories of ebooks on their website, hey also list sub-categories for different genres that they have. The only major problem that I faced when browsing this site had to be the broken/removed links.

In general, it is an excellent website to get ebooks from, and if you ask about my experience, it was nice enough to include this site on my list. And even though many books are missing, I have found a couple of books here that were not available anywhere at that time.


13. Ebook Bike

Their site is relatively new when comparing to other ones on this list and has a very modern and responsive design which works great even on handheld (mobile) devices. Their collection of ebooks is outstanding; they have ebooks for si-Fi, literature, romance, historical, action, horror, action, adventure and a couple of other genres as well.

But if they don’t have a book that you are looking for, give their request forum a try. They have a great community on their forums, and they will help you out to get you the book that you want. Downloading a book from this site is a straightforward process, your search for the book, open the book page and click download.


14. Archive.org

As you may have guessed by the name, archive.org is an archival service where millions of people upload loads of different content for archiving purposes. Books, comics, text scripts & reading material make up a large share of this content on Archive.org, and you can too download or store your ebooks there for free.


15. Books-Share

Next, we have books share. It is a very popular ebook site with a decent enough collection of ebooks. You don’t need an account or anything like that to download anything from their site, but they do have a signup option which gives you a couple of extra perks over standard users.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for on books-share, you could even ask them to upload the book in their request form. To get the ‘real’ download link for the book, when on the download page, scroll down a little to get to the “Download options” and click on any link from there.


16. ThePirateBay

Every one knows pirate bay right? It is one of the biggest and oldest torrent sites out there and has tens of thousands of reading related stuff like books, texts, scripts, etc.

Some of you guys who have not used this site for at least a couple of years now, let me warn you, a lot has changed since then, and you might want to use an ad-blocker add-on to browse tpb safely.


17. AcademicTorrents

The name of this website pretty much describes the content that you will find there. This site boasts about their huge collection of study material ( 37.*+ TB) on their home page. A quick search on their site will prove to you that they are not wrong. Along with textbooks, they also have a huge collection of video lectures, tutorials, and courses. You can also get datasets of different topics.


Here are some FAQs related to these free ebook websites and this topic in general.


Q1. Is it illegal?

  • A. Well think of it like this, downloading files from the internet using torrents is not illegal, but downloading copyrighted material or work of someones else without their permission is.

Q2. Do I need adblocker?

  • A. As much as I would hate to say this, but yes, enabling an adblocker is recommended when you visit some of the sites on this list. While I have tested every one of the sites on the list, an adblocker can give you that extra layer of security.

Q3. My ISP blocks “abc” site, what to do?

  • A. Use A VPN. A Virtual private network is the best way to bypass any government or ISP censorship. Most of the free VPN works great, but if you need recommendations, then I would suggest tunnel bear. They only give 500mb per month, but it is enough for 30 days as you need to use VPN to get into the blocked site, downloading can be done without a VPN connection.


The End…

Well looks like that you have it to the end of the list. So these were all of the good ebook torrent sites that I knew of.

Remember to not fall for the fake/bad clones, as these sites keep going down from time to time; some people try to take advantage of the situation and redirect people to scam sites. Just beware of them and only access the torrent sites via the links provided above. Also, any suggestion towards this post are most welcome.

The last thing that I want to say is that neither I or this blog (yelostech) support spreading/distributing/downloading/pirating copyrighted content in any way. The list was made for informational purpose only.

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