Best Torrent Clients (alternatives for uTorrent)

To download a torrent file from the internet, you need a torrent client. A torrent client is basically a program which initiates the torrent that you feed it and then downloads and/or seeds it.

Utorrent, the name which first comes to our mind when thinking about torrents. Well that used to be the case a couple or more years back when the whole ‘advertisement and malware‘ thing was under control.

But in the recent years, uTorrent has become bloated with ads and unwanted software and they just keep ‘updating‘ the app with more unnecessary and harmful crap like crypto-miners, adware, ‘free‘ toolbars and whatnot. It is not acceptable and even the if the ‘issues’ get resolved a new one arises within a few months.

Just like the new uTorrent update is a perfect example of this, it has ruined it completely, at least for me. When you launch the app you now, you are greeted with an unwanted torrent ‘recommendation‘. Which is basically a full-screen advertisement. I have a low to mid spec PC and upon start, uTorrent hangs the sh*t out of it and it does hinder the usability of the program to some extent. I know that this will be gone as the time passes by but I also know that a new one will arrive shortly after.

Thinking about all these issues, I decided to find the best ad-free uTorrent alternatives, which in my opinion, can replace uTorrent for good, they have clean and simple interfaces & no ads or pop-ups or anything.

So without any further ado, Here is the list of best torrent clients that you can use as a replacement for uTorrent.


1. Tixati

It is my goto app for torrenting and is one the best torrent clients and the best utorrent alternative IMO. On Tixati, functions like Bandwidth usage, Downloads, DHT stats and Search are present on the home screen, each one is placed separately on the respective tabs. The search tab on Tixati comes in handy if you want to quickly search for a torrent and download it, it works well when you know the correct keywords for the item you are looking for.

One unique feature that Tixati has is the Channels Tab, here you chat with other Tixati users and stream music or any other form of media that the users are sharing.

It is a very small sized app, it is a standalone program, it does not require libtorrent (opensource BitTorrent library) etc, meaning you don’t need to install any additional services/software like the .NET framework or JRE (Java).


2. qBittorrent


qBittorrent is the perfect alternative to uTorrent or you can even call it an ‘ad-free’ version the current uTorrent. You see, uTorrent used to be an opensource and ad-free program before BitTorrent decided to acquire uTorrent in 2006, That is how qBittorrent was born, its sole purpose is to be a better open-source alternative to the uTorrent of today.

The start screen of qBittorrent features almost the same icons and design as the uTorrent app, but the interface is more refined and clean of advertisements. With all the uTorrent features(except ads ☺) of uTorrent and identical features is what you are looking for then do check this app out.


3. Transmission


Transmission, another great alternative for uTorrent. It is providing Torrent services for its users after its first initial release on September 2005. The app is more popular on the Mac & Linux platforms than it is on windows but it doesn’t mean that the windows version is not good or lacking any features.

The UI of Transmission is very minimalistic but has most of the basic functions that you will ever need, It can download & seed torrents for you, you can also create a torrent using Transmission. It also supports both encryption and non-encryption modes.


4. Picotorrent

Picotorrent is a freeware torrent client with an opensource code. The User Interface is as ‘barebone as it gets’. The app is very clean looking and features a tiny-sized window like the one in Transmission with the basic functions like adding/pausing/removing torrents and some general downloading and port forwarding option.

The app is still in early stages of development and has various bugs and issues, you might not want to download this app if you don’t want to deal with bugs. But ignoring the minor bugs and issues, this can still be a good replacement for uTorrent.


5. Deluge


Deluge is one of my favorite uTorrent alternatives. I prefer this one over uTorrent and other alternatives because of the simple User interface and easy to navigate toolbar. Just like most of the other uTorrent alternatives, it is based on libtorrent and can perform all the basic functions like changing ports, setting bandwidth & connection over a proxy.

Once installed deluge only takes ~50mb of your storage space and is not very CPU intensive while downloading you are using its services. So for people who are concerned about their CPU usage and memory consumption, they should give Deluge a try. The app is known for its minimal look and functionality, but if you want you can add more features to Deluge by using various different Plugins.

They only problem with deluge is that the development of the app seems to have stopped, it hasn’t received any updates for over a year now. But I can confirm that for me, the app is working as intended without any major problems and hopefully you will neither.



Many of you might be thinking right now, “what is seedr? I have never heard of it before.”. Well, is not exactly a torrent program, rather it is a website which allows users to download torrent file directly without any need of a BitTorrent client.

It caches the torrent file to its servers and then allows users to download the torrent as a regular file, either using a web browser or a download manager. The service is available for free and you can download a file up to 2gb(file larger than 2gig requires a premium plan).

While this does make it so that your torrent file will be downloaded instantly but it will be faster than downloading using a torrent. And if the numbers of seeder are low and you are getting very slow speeds (a 1.5 GB file downloading at ~10kbps) in torrent clients, you can add the file in seedr, wait for a couple of hours and after that the file can be downloaded at full speed.


7. BitComet

BitComet is the last one on our list, it does come with ads but a quick switch to the next tab and the advertisement is gone until you switch back to the search tab. It has most functions and features than any other client on our list. It doubles as a download manager and allows you to add torrents alongside with your regular downloads on the same app. The bad thing (at least for me) is that it makes the app more cluttered and confusing.

But it might be worth all the clutter because BitComet does indeed come with many useful features. It is configurable to work with your anti-virus in such a way that everytime a file will download, it will get automatically scanned for viruses. It is also equipped with a search bar as we see in see in web browsers. But instead of searching on google, yahoo or bing, it will search for your query on a torrent site of your choice.

If you are like me and prefer torrenting apps with simple and clean UI, then you might not like Bitcomet. In my opinion the main window of their app filled with unnecessary icons, links, and options. But if you like what you are seeing in the screenshot above then you can give BitComet a go and see if it is a good uTorrent alternative for you.

(Warning: Bitcomet may ask you to install a ‘additional‘ application at the time of startup, beware.)

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So, this is it for the post, and I hope this little article that I put together helped you in finding your next utorrent alternative. There are many good torrent clients out there, but I settled with these seven choices. All of these torrent clients are ad-free, i.e., have no ads and are safe to use.

As for my favorite, it has to be tixati. It is small, compact, and reliable. The user interface might seem a little confusing at first but trust me, it is not. It is really simple to use after you spend a couple of days with it.

Do share this post with your friends if you find it useful. And also while you are on our site, check out some other related stuff down in the recommendations below. Cheers.

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